David, de Abergavenny a Zaragoza

Hello! My name is David, I’m originally from Abergavenny in South Wales but moved to Cardiff where I lived for 6 years. David in Paris I decided to start teaching English after being unhappy with my previous job in Wales where I worked for the police. The job was interesting but involved many, many long hours sat in front of a computer which wasn’t something I wanted to do at twenty five years of age. I wanted to travel and try something completely new and after much research and deliberation I joined Number 16 School in August 2011. David My decision to join the school was a good one! The school is very successful and the method used is effective. I enjoy travelling and really want to see more of Spain, I had never visited Spain before arriving to teach at Number 16 but I love Zaragoza and already feel at home. I also have a passion for photography and painting, I find these pastimes a great way to relax. At the moment my Spanish is terrible… but I am trying to learn!! Picture