Key English Test (KET): nivel de inglés A2

Key English Test (KET): nivel de inglés A2

The Cambridge KET exam (A2) gives students the chance to demonstrate the skills they’ll need to get by in English in simple, everyday situations. Successful candidates will be able to:

  • Form and understand simple sentences, and use basic expressions.
  • Understand and use basic written English.
  • Introduce themselves and answer simple questions.
  • Interact in English at a basic level.







What skills does the KET exam test?




Advantages of preparing for your KET exam at Number 16

If you prepare your Cambridge exam at Number 16, you’ll be able to sit the exam on our premises, meaning that on exam day you’ll be taking your test in comfortable and familiar surroundings.


Our centres are fully equipped for these exams, which take place on several dates over the course of the academic year. We’ll keep you informed about upcoming exam dates, and we’ll let you know when you’re ready to take your exam.


Our native-speaking teachers specialise in Cambridge exams, and they’ll help you perfect the skills you need to achieve the best results. We have a high success rate!

The Cambridge Key English Test is equivalent to an A2 level. The test can be taken by students of any age, and provides a useful stepping stone towards higher-level English certificates. Young learners are advised to take the kids’ version, “Key for Schools”, which is aimed at students from 9 to 12 years of age.

Our students are used to communicating in English with our native-speaking teachers. For our younger learners, the KET exam is a great opportunity to demonstrate their A2 level of English, which they have acquired in a natural and well-grounded way thanks to the total language immersion they receive at Number 16.

In addition, scoring a high mark in the KET exam helps to provide students with the confidence and the experience they’ll need future when preparing for higher-level English exams. It’s a great way of motivating kids to keep going on their language learning journey.

For young learners, KET is the next step up from the YLE exams (Starters, Movers and Flyers). It’s a good starting point for primary-age students to certify their level of English.

The KET exam helps give your kids the confidence they’ll need in future when facing more challenging English exams.

If you want to certify your level of English, or think it’s the right time for your kids to do so, why not ask about our upcoming KET exam dates?

Your goals are our goals!

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