• English classes for infants from 12 months
  • Parents sit in on the classes
  • 1 hour a week

Join them in their very first encounter with English!

People still seem surprised when we tell them that we provide English classes for toddlers … but why? Perhaps they assume that a child of 14 months simply isn’t capable of learning a foreign language. On the contrary: the younger they start, the better! Infants have a remarkable capacity to receive and interpret stimuli. They’re like little sponges, full of curiosity and eager to discover the world around them.

Classes for infants from 12 months

Parents sit in on the classes

One hour a week

Stimulation to reinforce cognitive and motor skills

Toddlers Club

In our centres at Number 16 School, we provide ‘Toddlers Club’ – a service aimed at infants from 12 to 36 months. (That’s right, from just 12 months!) Naturally, the parents are also present during the sessions, and will participate actively throughout the class.

Stimulation = learning

In our toddlers’ classes, your child will take part in dynamic activities that have been carefully designed to arouse their curiosity. Our native-speaking teachers specialise in working with very young learners. They’ll use songs, dances, flashcards, stories and audiovisual materials to immerse your child in a fun and supportive English-speaking environment.

How does it work?

The classes are 1 hour long and take place once a week – that is to say, four classes per month. Toddlers tend to have short attention spans, so an hour of class per week is more than enough for a child of this age. Groups are kept extra-small, with a maximum of five kids per classroom.

The goal is to familiarise the kids with English from as early as possible, in the same way as they’re already familiarising themselves with their native language at home. Are you excited to hear your toddler start forming their first words in English? Try our Toddlers’ Club, and join your child in his or her first encounter with the language!