James's Biography

Name: James Phillip Peter Conlon
Home: Monaghan Ireland
Birthday: 27 of January
Favourite destination:  Aarhus Denmark
Favourite Book:  James and the Giant Peach
Favourite Films:  Remember the Titans
Favourite food: Thai Red Chicken Curry
Greatest Fear: Claustrophobia
How I relax: Swimming
Philosophy: There are people out there who are smarter than you. Let them do it!
What inspires you? A cup of tea
Words to live by: Always ask twice james «Hey, I’m James, a self-confident loquacious farmer’s son who managed to get himself to university to study English and History despite his lethargic attitude when it came to studying in school. Thank God for second chances!! When I was younger all I really did was play any sport I could and mosey my way through life picking up odd jobs to put a bit of money in my pocket.
However, this changed slightly when I went to university as I replaced the boots with books and a ball with a pen or beer in my local student bar. I had a great time in university, living the student highlife on 40 euro a week. Also my first experience of living aboard came from my Erasmus Year in Denmark.
Since then, I’ve always wanted to travel and live in foreign countries. After university I got my teaching qualification and moved straight to Spain. I have been living in Spain now for a year and the time has passed by so quickly, it feels as if I’m on my Summer Holidays relaxing with my friends. I enjoy teaching so much it doesn’t really feel like work.
In the future, however, I am planning on going home and living in my native green and grey surroundings, although I am going to enjoy the Spanish sunshine for a while longer.  I hope all my students enjoy reading this so they can highlight all my grammatical mistakes in class. Remember guys, we are all only human, except the Terminator.»