Jenny, I love Zaragoza

My name is Jenny, and I am from Liverpool. I left the UK on January 1st, after graduating from Lancaster University in the summer, in search of a change in lifestyle, and definitely a change in climate. When I arrived in Zaragoza I was greeted by the most vicious wind that I have ever experienced, but persevered, and began working at Number 16 School with three other new teachers, including my best friend Zaffi.
Jennifer Lambert en Plaza del Pilar_Espacio Goya
Working at the school has allowed me to meet so many new people every single day. The classes are great fun and allow students to improve quickly. I have found that I have learnt so much from the students themselves, facts about Spain and the culture (usually food related) mean that I am able to teach yet am also learning new things every day.
I am trying (desperately) to improve my Spanish from its extremely basic level, and enjoy studying the difficult and sometimes impossible language in my spare time. I am hoping that by the end of my time here in Zaragoza, I will be greeted by Spanish bar staff with a look of comprehension and understanding, instead of the current look of confusion and at times, bewilderment.
Jennifer Lambert
I have grown to love Zaragoza, and now that the weather is improving, I am looking forward to taking many a siesta in the midday heat, and improving my very English tan. When I have the opportunity, I enjoy visiting other cities, and am a big fan of Madrid. This summer I am hoping to go further  South of the country, and am excited to see what else Spain has to offer.