Ben, "new" starter at Number 16 school

Hi, I’m Ben, I’m 27 and I’m a new starter at Number 16 School. Prior to joining number 16 I lived a lowly existence working in the claims department of a small insurance company in Bishops Cleeve, just outside Cheltenham. Bored of the monotonous routine and over 50’s office chat, I craved pastures new. So, one rainy summers day I signed up to a TEFL course, through TEFL England (on the advise of a close friend) and the rest as they say is history. I finished the course and began searching for employment. One of my goals is to learn Spanish, so Spain seemed an obvious first choice and I managed to get a job at a Summer camp in the south (very hot and chaotic, but a lot of fun) before getting a job with Number 16 at their school in Zaragoza. I have to say, I have found the city to be quite enchanting and am looking forward to having a lot of fun here in the forthcoming years. It’s location is an obvious plus as the bright lights of Madrid and Barcelona are but a stone throw away. Another plus for this city I now call home. Ben having a nice time Right, time for a little history about yours truly. I was born in Johannesburg, South Africa, which is where I lived for the early years of my life before moving to England at the age of 7. I moved to Cheltenham, which remained my home until I decided to up sticks for the allure of Spain. I finished school at 18 and went straight into employment. I had a thirst to travel, so abandoned the idea of University for a more exotic path. I have been lucky enough to visit America, South Africa, Australia, New Zealand, Thailand, Taiwan and most of Europe. In addition to travel, I very much enjoy sports, especially football (Arsenal is the only team worth caring about) boxing, rugby and curling. I’m also a keen music lover, as long as its not reggaeton!

Kobe: “El método Number 16 te hace salir de tu zona de confort y romper barreras”

Este es Kobe, uno de los profesores de nuestra Academia de Inlgés en Zaragoza #N16San Miguel. ¡Os lo presentamos más a fondo!

Bilbao: ¡Lo mejor está por llegar! 

Hey, bilbaínos! En muy poco tiempo podréis conocer a Calum, que formará parte del equipo de nuestra nueva academia de inglés Number 16 School Ercilla.

Love continues!

Ya ha acabado la Semana del Amor en Number 16 School, pero eso no quiere decir que se acabe el amor, no, love continues…💞

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