It's Roz!

Hello! My name is Roz. I come from a small town in the Peak District in the north west of England. The horizon here is punctuated by rolling green hills. I have always wondered what was beyond them, what the world looked like past them, and I suppose this is where I got my desire to travel and explore the world. I recently returned to the UK from travelling in north and south America. On my way back home I stopped off for a few weeks in Granada and realised that I would quite like to spend more time in Spain and get to know the country, the culture and the people. I am really excited to be moving to Zaragoza and to begin teaching at Number 16. I love finding and embracing new experiences in life and this one is no exception. I have been interested in teaching for a long time. Before going to university I worked as a teaching assistant in a secondary school and enjoyed the challenges it brought as well as the diversity of each day. When I finished my theatre degree at the University of Glasgow I decided to enrol onto a TEFL course and begin working towards a career in teaching. I am still really interested in theatre and would like to bring certain aspects of it into class with me. I have travelled quite a lot in the last few years and is something I would like to continue to do in the future. I love experiencing new cultures, meeting new people and learning new languages. I hope I to do all of these in Zaragoza. I look forward to meeting you in class! Roz roz

Kobe: “El método Number 16 te hace salir de tu zona de confort y romper barreras”

Este es Kobe, uno de los profesores de nuestra Academia de Inlgés en Zaragoza #N16San Miguel. ¡Os lo presentamos más a fondo!

Bilbao: ¡Lo mejor está por llegar! 

Hey, bilbaínos! En muy poco tiempo podréis conocer a Calum, que formará parte del equipo de nuestra nueva academia de inglés Number 16 School Ercilla.

Love continues!

Ya ha acabado la Semana del Amor en Number 16 School, pero eso no quiere decir que se acabe el amor, no, love continues…💞

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