Cat, nuestra profe con nombre de animal

Hi my name is Cat (yes like the animal!)  I´m 24 years old and I grew up in a tiny village in the south of Scotland.  After I finished school I moved to Edinburgh to study and work as a florist.  I love working with flowers (and receiving them!)
I moved to Spain for the beautiful weather and apart from a couple of chilly winter months, I haven´t been disappointed.  At the moment I live with three other teachers in a large flat near to the school.  It has a big terrace where I plan to perfect my tan.  At weekends I go out with friends, (try to) study Spanish and support the local water polo team…
Cats Flatmates
At Number 16 I teach SYM and exam classes, the groups are really fun and the last six months have gone so quickly.  Since arriving in Spain I have been skiing in Andorra and spent a weekend in Madrid.  Next month I´m going to Valencia for a long weekend so any suggestions on where to visit would be appreciated!
Cat in Andorra