Conoce a nuestros profesores: Misha Landsman

Hey everyone,
My name’s Misha Landsman and I come all the way from a small town in Scotland called “Stenhousemuir!”
(It’s very close to whereMisha Landsman William Wallace was from, for those of you who have seen Braveheart!)
I moved here to Spain to escape the rain, to learn Spanish, to experience a new culture and,
of course, to impart my knowledge of the English language. I have fallen deeply in love with Zaragoza!
My hobbies include dancing, singing, playing the guitar and playing the ukulele – You can “catch” me playing at open mic at the Angel Azul on a Thursday evening!
Nephews Misha Landsman
Back home in Scotland I have two older brothers, two gorgeous nephews and a beautiful baby niece. They are the “apples of my eye!” I frequently phone home to tell my mum about the weather here – it’s always bad in Scotland so she isn’t happy with me when I “rub it in!”
Working at number 16 is pretty awesome – the classes are dynamic and fun, the staff (like me!) are all crazy, but fantastic and I really enjoy teaching with the Number 16 method. Seeing the students’ progress as fast as they do feels great! As “cheesy” as it sounds, I have found my “destiny” as an English teacher!
smile Misha Landsman