CAE (Advanced Certificate in English): C1 LEVEL OF ENGLISH

CAE (Advanced Certificate in English): C1 LEVEL OF ENGLISH

The CAE (Advanced Certificate in English) is equivalent to a C1 level in the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFRL).

It’s an advanced English certificate aimed at students with a high level of English.

  • Internationally recognised
  • Required by many international companies and institutions
  • Indispensable for studying, applying for skilled work abroad or getting a university degree in an English-speaking country.







What skills does the CAE test?

The Cambridge C1 exam consists of four sections:





Why should I take the CAE exam?

A C1 level is proof that you’ve got the necessary language skills to live, work and thrive in any English-speaking country.

With the Advanced certificate you’ll be able to:

  • Easily follow a university-level course in English
  • Communicate effectively in professional and official situations
  • Express yourself fluently and confidently in English in a wide range of contexts: at work meetings, in classes or seminars or in social situations.

At Number 16 School, you can prepare your CAE exam and get the best results. We have years of experience preparing students for CAE, and our native-speaking teachers are specialised in official exams. The method we use will help you perfect all the key skills you’ll need for your test.

What’s more, you can sit your exam in one of our centres, on various dates throughout the academic year. You’ll be able to take parts of the test along with your classmates, making the whole process feel much easier and more comfortable.

  • Get your B2 certificate with Number 16 School
  • You’ll be able sit the exam in one of our centres – and feel right at home
  • Our native-speaking teaching staff will prepare you specifically for the test
  • You’ll reinforce all the skills that you’ll need in the exam
  • Tutorials and progress monitoring: we’ll give you all the guidance and support you need, making sure you’re fully prepared before you sit the exam


We have a high pass rate!

The CAE (Advanced Certificate in English) requires candidates to demonstrate the ability to … SEE MORE

… express themselves in a wide range of social, academic and professional settings. You’ll also need to display an extensive knowledge of grammar, and use higher-level structures appropriately when writing complex texts.

The CAE is one of the most sought-after qualifications among students with an advanced level of English. The exam is one step up from the FCE (First Certificate in English) – so for many FCE students, the CAE feels like a natural progression.

Both qualifications are held in high regard internationally, so they’re a great option for any student or professional who wants to demonstrate their level of English.  Having a C1 certificate is proof that you can perform highly in all the key communicative skills in English: listening comprehension, writing and spoken expression.

This level of English is highly sought-after by international companies and institutions, and it’s often a requirement for those who are seeking skilled work abroad, or who want to study for a university degree in an English-speaking country.

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