1. Where can I find my nearest Number 16 School academy?

English centre Number 16 School

The Number 16 School English academies can be found in key locations in Madrid, Zaragoza and Valencia.

In Zaragoza, you can find the headquarters of Number 16 School in Calle San Miguel, 7 (former Cines Goya), in the buzzing heart of the city – and our second academy is located in Avenida Gómez Laguna 27, opposite the Aragonia shopping centre.

Our third centre is in Madrid – or, to be more precise, on the corner of Fernando VI with Hortaleza, just a few short steps from the Alonso Martínez metro station.

In Valencia, you can find our fourth centre on one of the city’s most bustling streets: calle La Paz, 33 (Carrer de la Pau).

  1. How long do the courses last?

Duration of the courses

At Number 16 School, our English courses start on every Monday of the year, and the length of the course is established by the student. The student is free to decide at any moment whether they have reached their desired level. Our exclusive Number 16 Method consists of a total of 16 levels, and you can pick up, pause or terminate your studies at any point, depending on your language learning goals and the level you want to achieve.

Can I start an English course halfway through the month?

Of course! You can start an English course at any point throughout the year, or even halfway through the month. Our exclusive method consists of 16 well-defined levels, allowing us to pinpoint your precise level of English so that you can join a class that’s perfectly adapted to your needs.

Do I need to pay the full month if I join halfway through?

No. You only need to pay the corresponding portion of the fee, depending on when in the month you joined.

Intensive English courses

At Number 16 School we provide intensive group courses throughout the academic year, with a choice between 4 or 6 hours of class time per week. In the summer months (June, July, August and September) we offer intensive courses with 10 hours of class time per week.

Throughout the academic year, you’ll also have complete flexibility to combine one-to-one classes and group classes, guaranteeing that you’ll find the most effective option for your needs.

  1. Rates and payment methods


Our rates are calculated according to the number of hours of class per week that the student receives. With our group classes, you can choose between 2 hours per week and 3 hours per week. But we can also provide other packages with more hours of class time per week, which you can adjust according to your needs.

With our one-to-one classes, you can purchase packs of 8, 12 or 24 hours. If you choose a pack of 24 hours, you’ll also have the option of combining your one-to-ones with group classes if you prfer.

Our intensive courses are charged on a month-by-month basis, both in summer and throughout the regular academic year. You’ll be charged upon signing up for the course, and the rates vary depending on how many hours of class-time you want per week, or on how many months you’re signing up for.

What should I do if I can’t make it to class this month?

If for whatever reason you can’t make it to class one month, you should let us know by the 22nd of the previous month at the latest, in which case you won’t be charged for the month you’re going to miss. In the following month, you’ll have the option of picking up your classes again. Please bear in mind that we can’t guarantee you’ll be able to rejoin the same group as before: you may instead be reassigned to another group at the same level.

Do I have to pay an enrolment fee to start my classes?

The enrolment fee is a one-off payment which you’ll be charged when you start your course. This payment is not a payment to access the course, but rather covers the cost of 1 book, which makes up the teaching material.

The enrolment fee is for life, meaning that you won’t have to repay it if you drop out and later return to the academy – so long as you fill out a temporary withdrawal form. If you fill out this form, you’ll be able to conserve your enrolment fee, allowing you to pause your studies and resume them at a later date without re-incurring said fee.

Do I have to pay the enrolment fee again if I pause and later resume my classes?

No. The enrolment fee is for life, as long as you let us know in advance that you’re planning to pause your classes. You’ll need to inform of this change by the 22nd of the previous month, and you’ll also need to sign a temporary withdrawal form.

  1. Teachers and method

Native English-speaking teachers

One of the key characteristics that makes our academy stand out from other academies is that we employ native English-speaking teachers from a range of different English-speaking countries. This means that students are exposed to and familiarised with different accents and varieties of pronunciation, allowing them to boost their listening comprehension.

What does our teaching method consist of?

With the Number 16 Method, you’ll be able to reach a high level of fluency, both spoken and written. Our exclusive method follows a carefully designed structure and format, enabling students to expand their vocabulary rapidly, learning new words in every lesson and memorising them without the slightest effort. Grammar is also highly important in our method, and it’s taught in a practical and straightforward way, so learning it becomes automatic. Another of the aspects that we emphasise is building fluency in reading and writing all different types of texts, which is achieved by reading in class or carrying out dictations.

Groups are organised according to students’ levels, from absolute beginners to the most advanced. Each group has a maximum of 9 people, with the exception of our extra-small groups, which have a maximum of 5 students.

How can I learn grammar with a spoken method?

It’s difficult, not to say impossible, to speak a language properly without having at least a basic knowledge of its grammar. In the Number 16 Method, grammar theory is learned by putting it into practice. First, the teacher will explain the grammar in question, making sure the students understand it, and then you’ll do speaking exercises to put in practice what you’ve learned. In addition, 5 to 10 minutes of class time will be dedicated to completing written exercises, and you’ll also be set grammar exercises to do at home.

How will my progress be assessed?

At the end of each of the 16 levels, you’ll sit both a spoken and a written exam. These will determine whether or not you’re ready to advance to the next level, or if you need to repeat a level or receive some extra support via homework exercises.

  1. Recuperation of classes; exams and certificates

Can I recuperate any classes I miss?

You can recuperate one missed class per month, as long as you’ve given us at least 24 hours notice that you’re unable to attend. You can let us know by informing Reception at the centre where you’re enrolled.

Do I get a certificate when I finish my classes?

At the end of each unit, you’ll be assessed via a spoken and written exam, and you’ll be able to request a certificate showing your level. Just ask in Reception. This certificate is internationally recognised.

I’m preparing for an official Cambridge exam and I want to sign up for the exam. Who’ll handle my registration?

At Number 16 School we offer exclusive dates throughout the academic year for students who want to sit a Cambridge exam in one of our centres. Our reception staff will sign you up for the exam, as long as you’re still within the registration period, and after you’ve attended a tutorial with our exams coordinator. If, on the other hand, you’re planning to sit your exam with a different provider (i.e. not Number 16), then you should register with them via their website, or ask them for instructions on how to register.