Get to know Nick…

My name is Nick and I am from Reading, I am the ripe old age of 24 and I have recently completed my TEFL course.
I am very much looking forward to teaching English in Zaragoza as I embark on an exciting and fresh challenge at the Number 16 School; this will be my first teaching role so go easy on me.
I never like to write too much about myself but now I’ve started I thought I should let you know that my lifetime achievement to date came in 1994 when I won a colouring in competition beating off 100 entrants to open the new Burger King in my home town! I do have a photo of this remarkable occasion, however, after careful consideration I will show you a more recent photo which is void of my Ron Weasley style hair!


This is me; this photo is from my previous role at Reading Football Club where I was mid-way through conducting a tour of the stadium. I spent two years working here and it’s just a shame I didn’t get to play as I may well be the answer to England’s left wing issue!
Anyway that’s enough of me waffling I’ll leave the rest to you as we begin a new adventure together.