India, our very artistic teacher

India, our very artistic teacher

Hello, my name is India. I grew up in and around Bath, a beautiful little city in the South West of England. I studied a degree in Geography with European Studies at Swansea University in Wales. It was in my third year that I was given the opportunity, through an Erasmus grant, to study in Zaragoza. It was a great experience, and it was during this year that I found my passion for languages.


At the end of my Erasmus year I spent some time travelling around Andalucia. I was lucky enough to visit lots of places, including: Seville, Cadiz, Granada, Cordoba and Jaen. That’s when I realised how much I loved Spain, and that I knew I would have to come back!

I made the move back to Spain over two years ago now. I spent about 4 months working in Seville before returning to Zaragoza, and I’ve been teaching at Number 16 School since June 2011.
Apart from languages, I love art and design, and I’ve taken up painting and drawing in my free time between lessons at Number 16. One of my drawings was a view of Zaragoza’s Pilar Cathedral and the River Ebro!