Jodi, "Life is never dull in the school!"

Hi, I’m Jodi, one of the teachers at Number 16 School and I come from Scotland.
In Scotland I worked in a school with children, performed in a theatre group and spent a lot of time with my family (too much time, I think!)  I really enjoy singing and hope to continue doing this while in Spain.
Jodi 1
I’ve been living in Zaragoza and teaching at Number 16 School since October and time has really flown in for me here.
I spent my first night in Zaragoza in a hostel and woke up early to start my first day at the school only to find that my roommate was also about to start at Number 16!!  This was how my friendship with Cat began.
I came to Spain to live because I wanted to experience a different culture, enjoy the sunshine and to also learn Spanish.  The sun has been hiding recently and my Spanish is coming along pretty slowly, but one out of three isn’t bad.

Jodi 3
I love being in Zaragoza and am very keen to see the sights of Spain.  I arrived here just as Pilar got underway last year and couldn’t believe how busy the city was.  I then spent my first Christmas and New Year away from home, but apart from thoroughly missing my three gorgeous nephews, I had a great time with my new family of friends and workmates.

I really enjoy working at Number 16 and interacting with a wide range of people on a daily basis.  Life is never dull in the school!!
I’m looking forward to spending the foreseeable future in Zaragoza and hopefully at Number 16.
Jodi 2