Conoce los phrasal verbs más comunes del inglés

Hi everyone! 😊 Sabemos que el tema de los phrasal verbs es un tema que se hace bastante complicado para algunos de vosotros. Sin duda, suele ser el “talón de Aquiles” de la mayoría de los españoles.

No os preocupéis porque en este blog vais a conocer una lista bastante extensa de estos. Si quieres ampliar esta lista, échale un ojo al blog de phrasal verbs con give


A continuación te mostramos algunos de los phrasal verbs más comunes para que mejores tu nivel de inglés.





  • Get on
Significado Ejemplos
Subir I am getting on the bus
Pasar a formar parte en un equipo Helen got on the handball team
Envejecer My father is getting on a bit now, he’s 68.
Llevarse bien I get on well with my work colleagues
  • Get along
Significado Ejemplos
Llevarse bien con alguien I do not get along with Louis anymore
Irse de un lugar I should be getting along
  • Get at
Significado Ejemplos
Irritarse por alguien Paul really started to get at me
Acceder I need to hide the meat so that the dogs can’t get at it
Querer decir Austin didn’t quite understand what I was getting at
  • Get up
Significado Ejemplos
Levantarse During the week I get up at 7am.
Subir He got up on the stage to accept the award
Montar He managed to get the tent up in 5 minutes
  • Get off
Significado Ejemplos
Quitar I can’t get the stain off my new white shirt
Mandar I always get the children off to school on time
Bajarse de My leg got stuck as I was getting off the horse
Salir de What time do you get off work?
  • Get out
Significado Ejemplos
Salir I can’t get out of the house today, I have to look after the children
Escapar/Huir I don’t know how the dogs got out of the house, I’m sure I shut the door
Bajarse  Sara’s husband got out of the car and opened the door for her
Hacer público When the news got out about his illegal business deals, his career was finished.
  • Get over
Significado Ejemplos
Superar algo/alguien I broke up with John but I can’t get over him
Atravesar We will reach the village once we have gotten over this hill
Recuperarse de It took my Mother three weeks to get over the flu


  • Make up
Significado Ejemplos
Inventar As a child, I loved to make up stories about fantastical creatures
Formar In Biology class, we studied the bones that make up the human body
Preparar The pharmacist will make up your prescription for you now
  • Make up (with somebody)
Significado Ejemplos
Reconciliarse After not speaking to each other for a week, my brother and I finally made up
  • Make up (for something)
Significado Ejemplos
Compensar This project is due tomorrow! I don’t know how we’re going to make up for lost time
Recuperarse I need to work tonight to make up for taking the morning off work
  • Make out
Significado Ejemplos
Distinguir algo Can you make out what that sign post says in the distance?
Entender I couldn’t make out what Sofia meant, she was laughing too much
Hacer creer You made this restaurant out to be a lot more luxurious than it is
Besarse So many teenagers go to the cinema just to make out


  • Take after
Significado Ejemplos
Parecerse a My sisters all take after our Mother in respect to their appearances
Salir a Rosa is a very sociable person. She takes after her mother in that regard
Salir corriendo detrás de My dog saw some horses in the next field and took after them
  • Take off
Significado Ejemplos
Quitarse I fell asleep without taking off my work uniform
Quitar This face wash is great for completely taking off your make-up
Descontar The shopkeeper took €15 off the cost of the blanket because it had a little stain on it
Llevar Her grandmother took her off to the park
  • Take back
Significado Ejemplos
Llevar I’m going to call my boyfriend to take me back home
Regresar con My best friend always takes her boyfriend back after they fight and break up
Recordar That song takes me back to being on holiday in Greece last year
  • Take over
Significado Ejemplos
Encargarse de After my Father retired, I took over the family business
Asumir John didn’t have enough experience to take over his boss’ position
Invadir Surfers take over the coastal regions during summer time


  • Come across
Significado Ejemplos
Encontrar I came across a picture of me as a baby while I was cleaning the basement
Cruzar Look! Susan is coming across the street now
Toparse con I came across this article on the internet and it’s very interesting
  • Come along
Significado Ejemplos
Ir I’m going to a party tonight. Would you like to come along?
Venir Come along with me to the cinema tonight!
Darse prisa If you don’t come along, we will be late to Church 
Llegar I was in the middle of telling Isabel something in private, when David came along and interrupted us
  • Come back
Significado Ejemplos
Volver Marisa hung up the phone without telling me when she was coming back from Spain
Regresar My Mum just came back home from a week-long vacation with her friends
Acordarse The events of last night are all coming back to me now
  • Come off
Significado Ejemplos
Caerse de  A button has come off my favourite shirt
Despegarse de  We have to redecorate the living room. The wallpaper is already coming off
Quitarse  I washed my jeans three times, and the mark still didn’t come off
  • Come up with
Significado Ejemplos
Sugerir  Maria came up with a great idea during the business meeting 
Proponer  I had to come up with a cool project for the kids to do during summer camp
Conseguir  I had to work three jobs to come up with enough money to pay my rent 
  • Come through
Significado Ejemplos
Triunfar  The local football team came through and won the match
Resultar evidente  After a while, his true personality came through and it was clear that he wasn’t a nice person




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