Regular English


 Still don’t know about the English classes that make us stand out?

  • Conversation-based classes in small groups
  • For all levels and ages
  • Exclusive method
  • Native-speaking teachers: rotation from class to class
  • Range of class options: standard classes, intensives or one-to-ones
  • Centres in Madrid, Valencia and Zaragoza

Who they’re aimed at

You’re probably wondering who our classes are aimed at. Are they just for students who’ve already got a basic knowledge of English?  The answer is, absolutely not! We’ve got students starting from level zero who have never studied English before. In fact, our method is aimed at all types of learners, from absolute beginners to people with a C2 who don’t want to lose contact with the language.

What’s more, at Number 16 you’re free to decide exactly how much time you want to invest in learning English. 1, 2 or 3 days a week – or you could even do an intensive course!

Course options


september to July: Join whenever you want!


all year round: Not just in summer!


Tailored to your needs!

Our Method

If you’re wondering what our classes are like, the first thing you should know is that we’ve got our own exclusive method, developed in-house by our linguistics department. The Number 16 Method is designed so that you’ll learn English in half the time of a traditional method.

Our learning system is conversation-based, and it’s structured strategically in 16 levels through which students advance step by step whilst perfecting their phonetics, pronunciation and grammar. Along the way, you’ll gain speaking fluency and the ability to understand any variety of English, whether you’re speaking to an Irish person or an Australian.

In each lesson, you’ll reinforce what you learned in the previous class, and you’ll learn new grammar and vocabulary in a solid and well-grounded way. Grammar explanations are light and student-friendly. Our method inverts the traditional learning process: rather than getting bogged down in theory, you’ll learn to speak and understand from day one. After all, that’s how we learn our native language – right?


The success of our method wouldn’t be possible without the work of our highly-skilled teaching staff:

  • All teachers are native English speakers
  • Qualified English teachers trained in our schools
  • Diverse team from 9 different English-speaking countries
  • Variety of accents to help you develop natural pronunciation in a multicultural setting
  • System of quality control and evaluation

Regular ongoing training

This is what our English classes are like

In our classes we need you to be 100% involved. You’ll need to participate actively rather than sitting and listening – so no hiding behind your book and hoping the teacher won’t notice you! Instead, our classes put you in the driver’s seat, so you can gain confidence and fluency by interacting in English and explaining your ideas. Classes are limited to 9 students per group to make sure that everyone has plenty of opportunities to take part. And the teacher will act as a kind of orchestra conductor, guiding you through a natural-feeling but carefully structured conversation that’s designed to broaden your vocabulary and grammar knowledge one step at a time.

Our dynamic teaching style ensures that you’ll advance quickly, noticing improvements in your pronunciation and listening comprehension from the very first day. But the classes will never feel ‘heavy’ or slow – you’ll be having so much fun, you’ll hardly realise that you’re learning. Promise!

At Number 16, we like to emphasise that our method is based on learning rather than ‘teaching’. The student takes charge of their own progress, and sets their own goals. The teacher’s role is simply to make the journey easy and fun.

Rotation of teachers

Our native-speaking teachers are kept on weekly rotation. Why? Because this way we can guarantee that our students familiarise themselves with all the different accents they’re likely to come across in the English-speaking world. English is a global language, and this brings with it a unique range of challenges. For example, if you spend all your time studying ‘the Queen’s English’, you may find that on a trip to Ireland you can’t understand a word of what the locals are saying!

Sorry, but that’s just what languages are like! Still, at Number 16 you’re in the right place to learn the real-life, global English that’s spoken on the streets of English-speaking countries – an English that will help you break through any future barriers in your personal and professional life.

If you want to finally get to grips with English, perfect your pronunciation, maintain your current level or discover a true English experience in your city, Number 16 School is the English academy for you.

¿Cómo surgieron nuestras clases?

Number 16 School fue creada por alumnos conscientes del esfuerzo y el sacrifico que supone el aprendizaje de un segundo idioma. Muchos de ellos habían pasado también por otros métodos de enseñanza más tradicionales y habían experimentado en primera persona, cómo tras años de esfuerzo y de ir a clase, no les habían servido para comunicarse con fluidez.

How did our classes come about?

Number 16 School was created by students who knew from experience how much effort and sacrifice it can take to learn a second language. Many of us were dissatisfied with traditional teaching methods, having experienced first-hand the disappointment and frustration of being unable to communicate fluently even after years of effort and hundreds of hours of class time.

So what exactly is a language? It’s a tool for communication, right?

From the beginning of our journey, way back in 2009, we at Number 16 School were well aware of the difficulties that many students of English faced, not necessarily in learning the language itself but in gaining the ability to use it to communicate confidently and naturally with others.

In response to this need, we created a method of teaching English that prioritises speaking and understanding over the ability to write 120-word essays or complete written grammar exercises.

Our method turns the learning process on its head: students start by learning to speak, to express their ideas, to pronounce correctly and understand perfectly what the other person is saying, no matter where in the world he or she comes from. After that, we reinforce structures and incorporate new grammar and vocabulary, learning to use each tense in the correct context and even to express ourselves in the appropriate register (formal, informal) in different situations.

How does that sound? It’s essentially the same process that each and every one of us went through when we learned our native language. After all, you learned to speak before you learned to read and write, didn’t you?

Why should a second language be any different?

If you’ve got this far, it must be because you’re interested in our English classes and the methodology we use.

Come and visit one of our centres and see them for yourself!