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What you’ll get with our English courses for businesses

One of the biggest advantages of Number 16 In-Company is the convenience we offer our clients. We’ll bring our classes to you, adapting to your employees’ schedules – and we follow a professional calendar rather than an academic one. Check out all of the benefits that we offer on our English courses for businesses!



Fleet of company cars: we’ll commute to your place of business.



Wide range of timetables and options.

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Constant rotation of native-speaking teachers.

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Public funding available via the Fundación Fundae.

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Attendance, progress and qualifications reports.

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Admin staff dedicated exclusively to corporate clients: we’ll prioritise your needs

How do we help companies with English?

We offer a wide variety of English courses for businesses. We’ll adapt to your needs whatever your size and location, and no matter what sector you work in. You can choose a training plan that’s completely personalised to your employees, from group conversation classes to exam preparation – or private classes to help them get ready for an important meeting or presentation in English. We also offer specific courses to reinforce Business English skills: telephoning, presentations, negotiation … Find out more!

Our English courses for businesses

English is becoming more and more important in the world of work, both for companies eager to compete on the international market and for individuals who want to boost their job prospects and enhance their CVs.

Globalisation has brought us into daily contact with the language, which is now ubiquitous across advertising and branding, in mass media and on social networks. English has become a lingua franca connecting people on opposite sides of the planet. In circumstances like these, is it any wonder that leading companies around the world are making the language one of their top priorities?

In the past, the demand for English was mainly confined to fields like tourism, hospitality or customer service, but these days, companies in almost every sector are looking to hire English-speaking staff. The reasons are clear: businesses have been forced to cast their nets wider and wider in the search for new clients – not to mention investors, resources and logistical support. And of course, they need English to do it: how else are you going to communicate with your distributors in the Netherlands, or a group of potential investors visiting from Japan? If you’re a company director, this may be starting to sound quite familiar …

Nowadays, maintaining a strong relationship with foreign clients or partners is a task that involves multiple departments, if not the whole company. For example, many Spanish businesses provide technical support to foreign clients, troubleshooting issues by phone or email. For them, it’s not enough to simply ‘get by’ in English – their customer service experts need to master the language, speaking it fluently and with confidence. And naturally, the same is true of their colleagues in the sales department.

For all these reasons, the English language has become an essential product for companies and professionals. Many of our leading companies are already investing in the future with Number 16. Is your business ready to join them?

Our method

All our English courses for businesses are based on our exclusive teaching method, in which students learn through guided conversation with native-speaking teachers. The classes are student-centred, requiring learners to participate actively and express their ideas. The teacher focuses on correcting mistakes and perfecting the students’ pronunciation. In our classes, you’ll gain speaking fluency, improve your listening and pronunciation, and learn grammar and vocabulary almost without realising it.

More and more businesses are placing their trust in Number 16 In-Company. Together, we’ll face the future with confidence and determination – and of course, we’ll do it in English.

What are you waiting for? Ask us about our English courses for businesses! Invest in the future with Number 16!

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