• Extracurricular classes: See you after school!
  • Small classes grouped by age and level
  • Individual support and tutoring
  • Conversation-based classes

What do our extracurricular English classes offer?

Learning through play

Exclusive method

100% conversation

Specialised native-speaking teachers

Unique facilities

Receive regular grades and feedback

What are the classes like?

They’re the ideal extracurricular activity, with a perfect balance between learning and fun. At Number 16 School we take a playful yet practical approach to teaching English. And classes are taught with our exclusive method, which focuses on conversation, spoken expression and listening comprehension. All 100% in English!

  • After-school classes
  • Throughout the school year, from September to June
  • Small groups divided into 8 different levels
  • Continuous monitoring and support

Our extracurricular English classes take place after school throughout the academic year. Courses start in mid-September and continue until our graduation ceremonies in late June.

Our method consists of 8 levels, each designed to be completed in the course of a school year. Groups are kept small, meaning that our teachers get to know each learner in-depth, both in terms of their personality and their level of English. This close relationship helps us to get the best results from our learners, ensuring that each and every child is able to reach his or her full potential.

In our English classes for kids, you’ll see progress from day one. Our goal is clear: to help our kids become confident and independent English speakers.

We carry out in-depth monitoring of students, providing regular feedback to parents. You’ll receive grades and reports three times a year – once per term – to let you how your little ones are getting on in their language learning. These reports will contain information about your child’s development in each of the core linguistic skills: listening comprehension, spoken expression, reading, writing – and of course, some useful feedback about their behaviour. 😛

In addition, you’ll be able to book a tutorial with the academic department or a meeting with the Director of Studies whenever you feel it’s necessary.

In Number 16 Kids, our English classes are carried out in small groups organised by age and level to make sure that none of our learners risk falling behind or feeling out of their depth.

Our approach to English language learning is completely different to that of traditional methods, which place a heavy emphasis on teaching students to write in English, memorise grammatical structures and complete coursebook exercises. A language isn’t just another school subject – it’s a tool for communication, and as such, you learn it speaking. Learning the theory is all very well, but practice is what really makes perfect.

It’s amazing how quickly we can learn at such an early age. Kids demonstrate a remarkable capacity to assimilate new knowledge, and they’re very receptive when it comes to discovering the world around them. For this reason, we feel that kids should start familiarising themselves with English from as early as possible. Of course, consistency is key. Our experience shows that just 1 or 2 extra hours of English per week over the course of a school year is enough for a child to consolidate their learning in the subject.

Our Number 16 KIDS teaching staff is made up entirely of native speakers who specialise in working with young learners. They’ll ensure that each and every child in the class has fun learning and develops a special link with Number 16, creating memories that will last a lifetime.