Learn English while having fun!

TERM-TIME CLASSES: extracurricular group classes

  • Extracurricular classes: See you after school!
  • Small classes grouped by age and level
  • Throughout the school year, from September to June
  • Conversation-based classes


URBAN ENGLISH CAMPS: see you in the Christmas, Easter and summer holidays!

  • Learning through play
  • Camps in summer, and during the Christmas and Easter breaks
  • English and fun guaranteed!
  • Make the most of the holidays!


PRIVATE CLASSES: reinforce their English!

  • Reinforce their English with a native-speaking teacher
  • Track their improvements in English
  • Make English their favourite subject!


ENGLISH LUNCH: lunchtime classes with meal option

  • English classes in their lunchbreak
  • We pick them up at school!
  • Meal option available


TODDLERS: from 12 months

  • English classes for babies and toddlers
  • From 12 months and up
  • Parents sit in on the classes
  • 1 hour a week
  • Join them in their very first encounter with English!


EXPLORERS CLUB: for Saturdays full of adventures!

  • Our explorers get together on Saturday mornings
  • Learning English through play
  • Let’s explore the world in English


What do our kids’ English courses offer?

Learn English through fun!

Conversation-based teaching method

Unique facilities

Team of native-speaking teachers specialised in young learners

Total immersion in an English-speaking environment

Continuous assessment: receive regular feedback and reports

Wide range of timetables from Monday to Saturday

The ideal extracurricular activity!

Kangaroo and his crew can’t wait to see you! 

English courses are the most popular option when we’re choosing extracurricular activities for our kids. But how do you know if you’ve chosen the right centre for your children’s language learning?

Nowadays, parents are well aware of the importance of English in education. Giving your kids a solid base of knowledge of English is not just a guarantee for their future; it’s also a crucial tool in their personal development – one which will help them stand out in an increasingly globalised and multicultural world.

In our academies we offer English classes for kids from 0 to 11 years old (by age 12 they’ll have a high enough level to join an adult class). Each of our courses is designed to introduce English via activities that stimulate students’ imagination, social skills and language learning abilities through conversation. In Number 16 KIDS, we’re well aware that fun is the key to learning. That’s the concept behind our motto: Learn English through fun!

And all of this in our exclusive facilities, with classrooms specially adapted for little ones. Nothing like at school! 😉 Your kids will thrive in a fun and supportive environment, and they’ll soon forge strong friendships with their classmates and teachers.

What’s more, at Number 16 KIDS our team of native-speaking teachers (link) specialise in working with young learners. They’ll design a wide range of activities and dynamics to help your kids learn the language in a solid and well-grounded way.

Our classes are so fun that they won’t even notice they’re learning!

Of course, it goes without saying that all the classes and activities are 100% in English. Our kids know that from the minute they step through the door, they have to speak in English and only English. No exceptions!

Our conversation-based method makes the classes lively, practical and entertaining, helping kids to discover a passion for English while perfecting their pronunciation and comprehension skills. After all, we learn our first language by speaking it. Why should a second language be any different?

Kids are like little sponges: they can absorb a new language with astonishing speed – not to mention how enriching it is to immerse them in a multicultural environment at such an early age. Help your kids grow up without barriers! J

The total immersion in English that we offer in Number 16 KIDS brings rapid and noticeable results, particularly in learners’ listening comprehension. Parents are always asking us: ‘Since when does my kid understand English so well?’

At our academies we offer a wide range of English courses for kids. Check us out!

See you in Number 16 KIDS!

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