Private Classes

Private Classes


  • Personalised classes
  • Flexible timetable from 8:00 to 22:00
  • 3 different options:
    1. General English private classes
    2. Exam preparation
    3. Bespoke private classes


How our private English classes work

In our academies, private classes can be purchased in packs of hours. We offer various types of packs, from 12 to 24 hours, and you can choose when and how you want to use your hours.

Renew your packs as many times as you want!







Options and class types

General English private classes

These are private conversation classes – similar to a regular group class, except that in this case you’ll be learning one on one with the teacher. You’ll learn English with our exclusive method, which is characterised by its strong emphasis on speaking skills. The teacher will teach you grammar and vocabulary through conversation whilst helping you to perfect your pronunciation, speaking fluency and listening comprehension.

Our private English classes will demand the very best from you in terms of concentration and participation. Remember, you’ll be speaking English (and only English!) non-stop for around an hour. Your teacher will guide you through the learning process, encouraging you to participate actively and express your ideas while correcting any mistakes on the spot. You’ve probably already guessed that in this type of class, you’ll advance in record time, with noticeable improvements from day one.

Are you a demanding language learner? Are you looking to perfect specific aspects of your English? Do you need a bit of extra support with the language? Or perhaps you just value the personalised attention that private classes can provide? If any of this sounds familiar, then our private classes are for you!

Private exam preparation classes

Are you working against the clock to prepare for an official exam? If you need a certificate, but you’re pushed for time, don’t worry: we’ve got private English classes to help you prepare for all types of official exams (Cambridge, BULATS, EOI).

In our private exam preparation classes, you’ll work with the teacher to perfect the skills you need to pass your test: writing, listening, speaking, grammar …

You’ll be able to reinforce any skills you’ve been struggling with, turning your weaknesses into strengths. You’ll sit mock exams with real exam papers to familiarise you with the format of the test, so that by the time you walk into the exam hall you’ll feel confident and prepared.

Our specialist exam teachers are ready and waiting to help you with everything you need. Your goals are our goals!

Bespoke private classes

Is there something specific you want to work on? For example, maybe you’re preparing for a job interview or you’ve been asked to deliver a presentation in English? Perhaps you’d like some help writing a formal letter or updating your CV? At Number 16, we offer bespoke private classes with learning content tailored precisely to your needs.

Whatever your goal, at Number 16 we’ll help you reach it. Surround yourself with the best! Just tell us what you need, and we’ll make sure that nothing gets in the way of your objectives.


Do you want to make rapid progress with your English? If so, you may find that you benefit from our private classes.

You’ll receive personalised monitoring and assessment, with a native-speaking Number 16 teacher at your full disposal. The learning content is tailored to your needs, ensuring that you’ll get the very best out of the classes.

Whether you have specific goals, want to speed up your progress, or simply value the personalised attention that a one-to-one class can provide, our Number 16 private English classes may well be the choice for you.

Our team of teachers are ready and waiting to help you with everything you need. They’ll make sure that you get the most out of your classes. With our private English classes, you’ll be the centre of attention.

What’s more, we adapt to your availability, so you’ll be able to enjoy a completely flexible timetable. Our private classes are a lifesaver if you’ve got an unpredictable schedule.

With our private classes, you’ll make rapid progress with your English, achieving your goals in less time than with a regular group class.

Can’t wait to see you!