• Subsidised classes for businesses: Invest in your employees’ English!
  • In-depth monitoring of students’ progress, with daily attendance reports and evaluations.
  • You choose the venue: your premises or ours
  • We’ll help you apply for funding through Fundae (previously Fundación Tripartita)


+ Inmersión total en inglés: clases de 2 horas, de lunes a viernes.

+ Ofrecemos intensivos durante el curso y durante todo el verano.

+ Tendrás más horas de clase, por lo que avanzarás mucho más rápido.

+ ¡Notarás tus avances en tiempo récord! ¡Cógele carrerilla al inglés!

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English for professionals

Whether you’re an active professional or a candidate seeking a new role, we’re sure you’ll agree that training is essential for professional growth. And not just training in your specific field, but also in other areas that will enhance your professional profile.

Languages are one of these areas. Mastering a second language will not only boost your job prospects at home, but it’ll also open new windows of opportunity on an international level.

At Number 16 School we offer English courses for businesses subsidised by Fundación Tripartita (now Fundae).

Fundae-subsidised English courses are free.

Recipients can choose between conversation classes, private classes or exam preparation.

And what’s more, you can pick the venue. We can provide on-site language training in your workplace, or you can attend your classes in one of our English academies.

Why not get in touch and find out more about our subsidised English courses?

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