Private English Classes for Kids



  • Reinforce their English with a native-speaking teacher
  • Track your child’s improvements in English
  • Learning plan tailored to their individual needs

Make English their favourite subject!

Learning tailored to their needs

Learners will have a native-speaking private teacher at their full disposal. They’ll spend the classes reinforcing whatever aspect of English they find most challenging: speaking, grammar pronunciation … They’ll even have the option of preparing for an official exam (Young Learners, Cambridge). We have a wide range of timetables to choose from. Check availability now!

Boost their performance

Just like our adult students, your child will be able to take full advantage of these private English classes, which offer 100% personalised learning environment. You can use the classes to reinforce the English they’re learning in school, as a form of extra support during exam season, or simply to help them gain speaking fluency and perfect their mastery of the language.

Go for it!

As you can probably imagine, in our private English classes your child will make rapid progress, getting quicker results than in a group class. They’ll never have got so much out of a class!

If your child seems to be struggling with their English, or if you just want to reinforce what they’re learning in school, you may be interested in our private classes.

Just ask!