In September 2018, our English academy in Valencia opened its’ doors: Number 16 School in Calle de la Paz. It’s located in the buzzing heart of the Old Town, on one of the city’s most emblematic streets: Calle de la Paz, 33.

What will you find at #N16LaPaz?

  • Classrooms perfectly adapted for group classes
  • Classrooms for private ‘one-to-one’ classes
  • Speakers’ Corner for fun and games
  • Other spaces: prep room, meeting room …

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A whole building on one of the city’s most emblematic streets to offer our English teaching services for all levels and ages: 600 m2 spread across five storeys of unmistakeable Number 16 atmosphere.

How much time do you want to invest in learning English? What are your language-learning goals? Whatever your level and availability, in our new English academy in Valencia we’ve got the perfect course for you. Just ask!









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What makes our English academy in Valencia stand out?






Find us in Valencia!

  C/La Paz,33

Nearest metro: Colón

From Monday – Friday 8am to 10pm


Saturdays from  9am to 14pm

 [email protected]


Can’t wait to see you!

The Number 16 Method, the best native-speaking teachers and an exclusive set of facilities are all waiting for you in our English academy in Valencia.

Our fourth centre maintains the distinctive essence and spirit that makes Number 16 unique not only in our approach to English teaching, but also in the design, style and atmosphere of our centres. A whole building on one of the city’s most emblematic streets to offer our English teaching services for all ages and levels.

With the opening of our fourth centre, students of all levels and ages can enjoy 600m2 spread across five floors of unmistakeable N16 atmosphere.

In our new English academy in Valencia, children from 12 months, teenagers, adults and businesses are already feeling the benefits of our exclusive method and native-speaking teachers in a space that has quickly become known as a benchmark for architecture and design.

How much time do you want to invest in learning English? What are your language-learning goals? We’ll analyse your needs and help you work out which course is right for you.

Whatever your level, your needs and your availability, in our new English academy in Valencia you’ll find the perfect course for you. Just ask!

And if there’s one thing that distinguishes Number 16 School, apart from our exclusive teaching method, it’s our commitment to high-quality design. Our passion for architecture and stylish décor is tangible in every corner of our centres. Why not stop by and see for yourself?

Flexible timetable

At Number 16 School, we adapt to the rhythm of society so that the hectic nature of daily life is no barrier to learning English.

We follow a professional calendar, not an academic one, opening year-round in order to provide quality service to all our clients: adults, kids, university students, professionals and businesses.

Our opening hours are:

Monday to Friday: 8:00 to 22:00

Saturdays: 9:00 to 14:00

The Number 16 Method, the best native-speaking teachers and a unique learning environment are all waiting for you at our new English academy in Valencia, Number 16 School Calle de la Paz.

Are you ready to live the #N16Experience?

On our blog and social media pages we’ll keep you up to date on all the latest news from our new English academy in Valencia.

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Where to find us


Calle de la Paz, 33 Valencia

[email protected]

About our method

We’re a successful and fast-growing English centre known for our impressive record in helping students reach their goals. We achieve this by demanding the very best – both from our students and from ourselves.

Our exclusive method of learning English, which has been developed in-house by Number 16 School, guarantees that you’ll learn English twice as quickly as with any traditional method. How is this possible?

Very simple: our method is conversation based. You learn our native language by speaking it, right? Well, we think it should be like that with any other language. First you train your ears to identify the new sounds, and then you start forming words, expressions and opinions. Over time, these transform into solid structures as new grammar and vocabulary are introduced at a natural and manageable pace. Learning through conversation and constant correction means that students gain the ability to speak without hesitating. And along the way, they will have perfected their pronunciation, developed speaking fluency and improved their listening comprehension to the point where they’re capable of deciphering even the trickiest of accents. Above all, they will have built up their confidence, enabling to express themselves in English precisely and with conviction.

The Number 16 Method is strategically structured in 16 levels through which students advance step by step while learning grammar, broadening their vocabulary and perfecting all the different communicative skills.

In our classes, you’ll learn new words in every lesson, assimilating them through conversation in a solid and natural way. The lessons are weighted towards vocabulary and real-world English, while grammar is taught in a light and student-friendly way so that learning it becomes automatic.

But hang on … Isn’t this method too difficult for beginners?

On the contrary, it’s actually best to start from zero. Students who come to us with a solid base of English knowledge often find that they have to ‘unlearn’ much of what they’ve previously been taught in order to get rid of bad habits and push themselves beyond their comfort zone.

Don’t forget that our top priority at Number 16 is to get you thinking in English so that you can speak it confidently, precisely and fluently.

All our classes are taught by native-speaking teachers from up to 9 different countries. They’ll immerse you in an enriching multicultural atmosphere, leading you step by step through the method on which our success at Number 16 School is based.

If you’re interested in our new English academy in Valencia, you can request further information by filling out the form on this page. Alternatively, why not give us a ring or send us an email? It’ll be our pleasure to help you!

Can’t wait to see you in Valencia!