Are you going to be taking your EBAU soon? At Number 16 School we have an intensive course specifically designed to help you prepare for your EBAU English test.

  • Intensive course in May: 12 hours of classes over two weeks.
  • Our team of specialised native-speaking exam teachers will help you pass your university entrance test with flying colours.

You’ll cover all the key points of the Selectividad English test, making sure that you’ve got every part of the test under control.







What is the EBAU?

The Spanish university entrance exam (EBAU) now includes a test in a second language. English is currently the most popular option among students planning to take a university degree. At Number 16 School we offer intensive courses in May to help students prepare for the EBAU English test.

The test itself is not particulary difficult, but it sometimes gets neglected due to the heavy workload that students have to deal with in the second year of Bachillerato. Our EBAU English preparation course is a great way to make some room for English in your schedule.

We know you’re pressed for time, but our proposal is this: set aside just 12 hours of your time to take our EBAU intensive, and on exam day… it’ll be a piece of cake!


What you’ll get on our EBAU preparation course

  • You’ll familiarise yourself with the format of the Selectividad English exam.
  • You’ll work with ‘past papers’, i.e. exam papers from past years, to make sure you’ve mastered the skills and techniques you’ll need to pass.
  • You’ll be able to understand short texts in English, learning effective reading techniques to help you identify key information.
  • You’ll be able to identify synonyms in context.
  • You’ll be able to answer True/False questions using information from the text.
  • You’ll become an expert at sentence transformation tasks.
  • You will be able to write short texts (80-120 words) about specific topics.

EBAU preparation course materials

We’ll provide all the course materials you need to prepare for your EBAU exam. You’ll spend much of your time working with past papers, which will be marked and assessed in class to familiarise you with the format of the exam.

You’ll be given extra exercises to complete at home, and the teacher will correct these and give you feedback.

Prepare for your EBAU exam with Number 16 and you’ll pass with flying colours!

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